APRA Welcomes New Members

Brussels, 1 October – The Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) is pleased to announce the addition of two new members; DelayFix (Poland) and Flyhjaelp (Denmark).


Since its inception in January 2018, APRA has been actively defending the interests of air passengers at EU level. After a successful launch event in the European Parliament, APRA has organized a roundtable discussion in the European Parliament, met bilaterally on multiple occasions with decision-makers in all three major EU Institutions, tabled several policy papers and contributed to reports on the functioning of European passenger rights, both by the European Commission and the European Court of Auditors.


APRA President Adeline Noorderhaven said: “After focusing on content and lobbying successfully on behalf of air passengers for the past 18 months, we have decided it is time to welcome new members to our association. In order to ensure that we represent all airline passengers, it is important that the scope of our influence reaches across Europe. I am therefore very pleased to welcome the first new members, DelayFix and Flyhjaelp. APRA will continue to welcome new members over the next months who maintain good practice and who sign our code of conduct. Together as a group, APRA can help protect the rights of passengers”.


“Flyhjælp is pleased to join APRA”, said Director Gustav Frederik Thybo. “We support the organization since we believe it is crucial for future legislative changes. As a counterpart to airline organizations, there is a need for a body that unites the interests of passengers in one common voice. Through our cooperation with APRA, Flyhjælp will be able to not only enforce existing rights but hopefully shape future legislation, thereby ensuring passenger rights are maintained and improved. Essentially, this is Flyhjælps vision: to give justice to travelers”.


Marcin Maciejewski, CEO of DelayFix added: “I am stoked that DelayFix is joining the Association of Passenger Rights Advocates (APRA) as the first legal technology company from the Central Eastern European region.  We look forward to providing thought leadership to ARPA and continuing our work to uphold passenger customer rights across the CEE.”.




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