Passengers missing in important discussion on the future of EU aviation.

On 17 October, APRA attended the Airlines for Europe (A4E) CEO Forum: Efficient Air Transport for Europeans. The event keynoted by Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and headlined a number of Europe’s largest airline CEOs, as well as representatives of EU airports.

During one of her statements, Commissioner Bulc stressed that there is a need for an increased focus on the passenger. APRA wholeheartedly agrees with this statement which reflects a reality that was underlined by the event. Though there was a lot of talk ‘about’ passengers, there was no dialogue ‘with’ the passengers, nor were they represented during any of the sessions.

APRA Vice-President Adeline Noorderhaven said: “More than anything, there is a strong need for clarity and legal certainty for passengers. In order to truly achieve efficient air transport for Europeans, we need to put passengers at the forefront of the discussion and include them in the debate. APRA remains at the disposal of both the Institutions and the Industry for a constructive debate on the needs of the European passenger”.

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